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Happy Wednesday

Today is the lovely Shanaya’s last day as she starts her maternity leave to have her baby boy. Shanaya has been a big part of the Pre-Kindy room as she has covered the educators lunch breaks everyday and helps with pick ups and drop offs. The children absolutely love Miss Shanaya and her kind, gentle and caring personality. We wish her all the best at becoming a Mum! It was also very great to see the children supporting Shanaya wearing blue today.

This morning the children were super excited to be playing outside as we haven’t been able to over the past two days. After we had a big play outside enjoying the water play trough, riding around on the bikes and getting our faces painted with the colour blue for Shanaya’s last day we made our way over to the After school care yard for a surprise. Over on the other side of the fence was a huge Fire truck with four fire fighters inside. The children all waved as they drove passed, flashing their lights and playing the siren. A handful of stickers were dropped off for each of the children. What a lovely surprise!

Pre-K came inside to have our first group time where we sang along to ‘Taba Naba’ which was chosen by Kaylee and Willow and then passed a ball around the circle sharing with Miss Deb and the group, our name and our favourite activity at kindy. We transitioned off to activity time by passing the ball to a friend.

During activity time we made pictures for Miss Shanaya using the water colour paints, played races with the cars on the mat, made up stories while role playing in home corner and splashed around in the outside water trough.

Thank you to our friend Hendrix who has brought in photos of his day with his Mum yesterday. We will have a group time this afternoon where Hendrix can tell us all about his day off.

Have a wonderful afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Deb