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Happy Monday everyone!

We started our morning exploring all the possibilities to play in the playground. Ava was very busy riding bikes and running around this morning. Abel and Millie kept busy drawing on the cardboard with crayons. Tai kept busy in the pumps. Onyx was filling the water can. Alanis, Isla, Lachlan, Nayla, Rania, Lincoln, Kezia and Aria enjoyed water play this morning.

For our Group time before we transitioned inside we sat down outdoor with Miss Thais and sang some morning songs and the famous “bee bee bumble bee” we washed our hands and had our delicious morning tea. We packed away our bowls and drink bottles and had some reading time with Miss Bec. Miss Bec read to us “Follow the tiger” and also some books about Feelings.

We decided to split the children between two groups. One inside and other outside and the children and the chance to self-select in which environment they want to play.

Outdoor with Miss Maddi we had our basket with some instruments and more drawing with crayons at the table. Miss Maddi also started to take children’s photo for our Christmas cards. Indoor we had Miss Bec and the Australia map where the children were able to draw in there.

Later in the morning we had Yoga as an activity and more outside play before we get ready for our lunch. On that time Miss Thais sang our Christmas songs with the children and practise the actions. We also had a little discussion about colours and who was wearing each colours today. We sang our “Bee Bee bumble bee” and went inside for our lunch and sleep time.

Just a reminder our Christmas party is next Monday 07th December. Please sign our RSVP list the reception if you wish to come.

Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Bec