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Good afternoon families,

Today we welcomed Zahra, Rumi, Ella, Everly, Lilly, Archie, Zilo, Hunter, Luca, Kezia into the yard where they enjoyed dancing on top of the treehouse with Miss Tatyana, riding bikes around and round, digging in the sand and climbing everywhere. It was then time to come inside where we sat on the mat with Miss Deb who lead us in grouptime. Today we sang “5 cheeky monkeys”, “bee bee bumble bee” read “we are going on a bear hunt”. We all sat so beautifully and looooveeeddd the cheeky monkeys.
We then sat down for morning tea. After morning tea, we got out a range of activities for the children. We got out the coloured rice and pasta again, which we loved playing with the dinosaurs in, we loooveed role playing in home corner today, serving eachother and playing shops with the different foods, some us us enjoyed drawing different shapes and photos, some enjoyed sitting in home corner and pretending to eat a meal, and some enjoyed roaming from blocks, to books, to trains. We are now heading outdoors where we will have a run around before it is time for us to come inside for lunch and  rest time.

What a great day! Happy Friday and have a great weekend xx