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On the agenda today we started our day outside as we do everyday setting a familiar routine. We had helpers set up the yard requesting a teddy bears picnic, trucks and swinging in the trees, like monkeys.

At group time we revised our behavioral recognition concepts (red/green choices) and practiced saying our class’s Acknowledgement of Country. Additionally, we counted how many friends were present using the rainbow counting stick then made our way to the bathroom singing 10 cheeky monkeys swinging in the tree to transition to wash hands and set down for morning tea. After the days activities of playing with the doll house, latches board, painting, home corner, building and of course playing with cars which seems to be an all time favourite. Then as a group we transitioned outside together to get in a run and physical activity before settling down for lunch and a rest on beds for some rest and recovery before having a picnic outside for afternoon tea.

Please enjoy the photos of today and have a lovely weekend to you all

xx Miss Steph and Miss Parminder xx