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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning the children participated in a fire drill; there was much excitement shared between the children surrounding the steps required to perform this drill. By completing this drill the children learn about safety procedures and how to respond responsibly in an emergency situation. Additionally, we followed-up on this by discussing and reading a fire drill themed booklet, as a way to help develop their understanding regarding the safety expectations for this situation.

A spontaneous activity arose at group time as the children requested to read “There was an old lady” storybook. This was a great opportunity to practice the children’s revision/memory skills.

Indoors, we made playdough in Valentines Day red. The children enjoyed this process as they assisted the educators with measuring and mixing the ingredients. Additionally, we added Valentines Day themed playdough mats for the children to use with the playdough. These images helped prompt the children to shape the pieces of dough using their fine motor skills to manipulate it accordingly.

We also played a game of “What’s missing?” as the children gathered items from the room to play. This revised the children’s ability to remember things in context, as well as builds on their ability to transfer and adapt knowledge from one setting to another.

A small group activity that we will perform again during the week was a letter recognition game themed for Valentine’s Day. The children are beginning to demonstrate their knowledge of letters and how to link letters to relevant words. This will be a concept we unpack throughout the year.

Amy, Parminder & Leesa