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Here’s a small of snapshot of our day today, even though it was raining we had an absolute blast!

Ella found the magnifying glass today and went around the room looking at many different things through it. She spotted lots of cool things around the room, stopping at the light box to view the bright colours through the glass.

Millicent enjoyed some cooking time. When asked what she was making, she replied ‘lots of eggs’ while she pretended to crack them open. Macy and Luna created their own storyline in their play today. There was a monster in the room and they strategised how they would escape, where they were going to hide and who they would need to call for help. Harper constructed a cubby for herself under the table, bringing the dinner sets under with her.

We expanded on yesterday’s creativity with multiple large scale, collaborative dropper and spray bottle paintings. The children were all very excited to be involved, moving from painting to painting and borrowing and swapping different colours with their peers. Once sitting at the table Miss Shannan realised she forgot smocks and quickly raced to find some for everyone. Ryan liked mixing the colours together to see what he could make before tipping it down onto the paper. Ivy enjoyed using the squeeze bottles, even refilling them herself with the colours in the larger cups.

Hendrix and Tate made their helicopter and fire truck houses today. They used the magnetic blocks to construct buildings around their toys ‘to keep them safe’.

Zachary and Emerson asked Miss Shannan for the elephant and snail puzzles to be brought out. They sat down together and took turns completing the puzzles and then swapping over, helping each other out when needed.

See you all tomorrow!

Miss Shannan