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We only had a small group of friends today, but we had a whole lot of fun! This morning we had some inside/outside fun. Inside Bonnie went on Octonauts adventures leading her toys on missions through the dolls house and into the octonauts ships. Ivy explored the loose parts area today, inspecting the objects within the jars and then stacking them up in a tall tower. Outside Hendrix and Christopher were firefighters on a mission to save the day. Together they rode around on the bike “Nee naww ne naw!” “Look they need our help!”. Their game filtered into the classroom, where they found babies in a cot who needed their help and octonauts who were stuck in their ship. Ryan enjoyed exploring the sand trough today. He spent time making sandcastles and cooking lots of soups. Harper and Millie decided that they wanted to make a cubby outside using our big mats. Miss Shannan suggested that they could bring some of the home corner things outside and so they raced in to extend their play. Soon the other girls came out to join them and together their play took many different storylines; with mummies looking after their babies, shopping trips and even visits from the class firefighters and our little chef.

We made an interesting discovery today. Our resident caterpillars that we thought had disappeared, have made themselves cocoons. We are very excited to watch them develop and soon become butterflies. We will continue to explore this interest together next week.

We also spent some time together painting at the tables, experimenting with lots of different colours. We painted lots of pretty pictures to take home. After this it was time for funky feet. We were so excited to jump up and be involved with Miss Jen. We practiced hula hooping and using percussion shakers. Though it was quite warm, we were all happy to be up and dancing to the music with our friends around us.

As it has been so warm lately, I would love to include lots of water play next week. If you could please pack extra spare clothes that would be wonderful. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Shannan ☺️