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A very warm welcome all all families reading our blog today 🙂

Tuesday the 30th was Easter Day here at Kindy, we are so very sorry you were not able to be here with us but we wanted to let you know that we have had the best day!

This morning saw us running around and playing outside for the morning, it did start to rain so we headed up to the tree house where we had a big dance party with Miss Tiffany, we played freeze in which we were stopping around like elephants, waddling around like penguins and swinging around like monkeys. we also played freeze to the alphabet which it was so good to see many of the children being able to sing along.

We then went inside for our group time where we read a story about the Easter Bunny being on holiday!! We talked about why the Easter Bunny wanted to go on holiday and what that would mean for all the boys and girls.
We did some letter recognition this morning where Miss Tiffany wrote “The Easter Bunny” on the white board and each child had a turn a pointing to a letter that they had in their name. All children were able to point to the first letter that their name begins with or were able to say that it was not there.

We then broke into groups todo some free play an cool Easter activities, Miss Alex was doing painting with the children, we had Easter Bunny masks that they were able to paint. Miss Tiffany had a Easter Eggs hunt with a twist happening for this children, she had Easter eggs floating in water covered with bubbles where the children had to use tongs and catch as many eggs as they could find!

We were then lucky enough to be visited by the Easter Bunny who gave us a special egg toy, he sat with us and we were able to give him a high five!

Meal times saw us all self serving ourselves which was so much fun! The food was really yummy today and all children ate well!

This afternoon will bring more fun activities based around Easter and lots of play time outside 🙂

Please keep your selves safe and happy and we look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

p.s We are currently having issues with photos will try get them emailed out to everyone

Miss Tiffany, Miss Lara and Miss Alex