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What a lovely day we have had. Today we welcomed our new friend Riley to the Kindergarten Two room. The children were all very excited to have a new friend to play with, showing Riley where all of their favourite toys were and where to put his water bottle and where to wash his hands for lunch.

Harper, Millie and Luna thoroughly enjoyed the finger-painting experience, covering not only their paper in the paint, but also their arms and the rest of the table. It was giggles galore as they blended together all of the colours.

Emerson and Riley decided to rearrange the obstacle course. Moving it to the centre of the yard and moving the planks to different heights. They even mad a seesaw. They sat at either end and bounced up and down. Hendrix soon joined, using the plank as a slide, he climbed up to the top, before switching between sliding and rolling down.

Tate and Ryan requested the dinosaurs to be brought out into the yard. They worked together to create their own dinosaur world, complete with fences, large rocks to climb and big and small dinosaurs to occupy to space.

Following on from yesterday’s interest in sea creatures, the children participated in a game of sea creature Bingo. Miss Shannan explained the rules, before they quickly set off to see who could cover all of their animals first and shout “BINGO!”.

Ivy displayed her strength this morning, when she insisted on pushing her friends on the swings. “I can push them as high as the trees”.

Ella decided to practice her cutting skills. Sourcing paper and scissors them from the art area shelves, she then sat down at the table and got to work.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day. See you all tomorrow!

Miss Shannan😊