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Good Morning Pre-Kindy Families 😊

Happy Monday. This morning we welcomed a new friend into the classroom today, his name is Lincoln. Along with Lincoln we had Harry, Avila, Myla, Bjorn, Colten, Ariana, Maddi, Harrison at Kindy today. This morning we started off with outside play were we explored the Mud Kitchen and made Hamburgers, we had fun with the monkey bars and also practiced our balance as we walked across the planks!

This week brings us the start of our new menu which is super exciting! Morning Tea saw us with some yummy porridge, bananas, coconut and apple puree.

Today is a special day in which we celebrate International Day of Human Space and Flight, in saying this opening title Mis Bek engaged in conversation with the children around what they think that statement meant.
Colten said that Astronauts are the ones that go up into space. Harrison talked about rockets blasting off.

Miss Bek showed the children a video on a Rocketship taking off and re-entering earth, talking about the jet engines, the fire coming out of the bottom and the blast off! All the children were so excited to see the Astronaut land into the water. We then listened to the planet song which talked about all 8 planets in our solar system, the children were all very engaged with the subject of space, so this is something we will continue to explore with them.

Our morning activities were filled with so much variety! We coloured in our own space people, we did puzzles, we played with our trucks and did some exploring with role play and dress ups.

This morning has been so great, and we look forward to the afternoon

From Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany