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Hello babies 3 families, welcome to our day!

Today was a fun and peaceful day, combined with this chilly climate. Our morning started in a nice way: our friends who were already in the room welcomed the friends who arrived at the door. When Avery arrived, Halle was overjoyed pointing to her and saying her name. On Liz’s turn Avery, Peyton and Halle received her. When Augie arrived, all the girls came together to welcome him. This shows how deep are the ties and relationships that our friends have created among themselves.

We had some free time to choose what to play with in our room. The big favorited of the morning were the block games. Halle loved building big towers, and Avery Augie and Liz got together to play with the coloured blocks. Of course, Avery and Augie did not miss the opportunity to play with cars, and Liz and Peyton to play in the home corner. Their favourites.

We also welcomed our friends Landen and Olivia, who are still adapting to the new room, but loved to get together to read some books. Although they still have some emotional moments, the two are doing very well in the adaptation process and showing interest and commitment to the other children, the activities, the toys and the games.

It was time to do an artistic activity in honour of the upcoming holiday: ANZAC DAY. We divided into small groups and used the red colour – that represents justice on ANZAC Day – to paint beautiful flowers freely by our own hands. Miss Nessa was talking to us about the colours and the sensations. Halle, Avery and Augie guess right when they said we were using the red colour.  At the end we use glue to stick a green stick on the handle of our flowers. It was beautiful, fun and important.

We also explored our yard to run together, laughing, sharing moments in the sandpit, climbing the A frame ladder and having a lot of fun. Landen loved to try different things as the hula hoops.

After spending so much energy, it was not difficult to get together for lunch, following our traditional routines of organizing the room, changing diapers, cleaning hands and sitting at the table. After our fantastic meal, it was finally time for us to take a nap and recover our energy for later.

Thank you everybody, see you tomorrow.