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“Goeie Middag”

Good Afternoon in Afrikaans- A fun fact for your Thursday afternoon Miss Tiffany was born in South Africa, and just after her 7th birthday her family then moved to New Zealand where she grew up before moving to Australia 4 years ago.

Thursday are always our busiest day in the the Pre-Kindy room as we welcome so many of our friends, today we welcomed Harry, Colten, Harrison, Ariana, Everlea, Aleksandar, Cohen, Charlotte, Conall, Bjorn, Harper, Myla, Lachlan, Delila, Latika, Vaughan, Sayde and Lincoln.

This morning we had our children participating in a range of outdoor areas, we have Harrison in the mud kitchen cooking up a storm, Myla and Everlea were to playing with the mud around the river. We had friends playing on the swings and friends playing tag. Tag seemed to be the game of the morning as everyone was wanting to be apart it.

Our transition into morning tea went really well this morning with all children washing their hands really well, we also did a really great job of putting our hats in our lockers. For morning tea we had beans and sourdough bread.

We started todays group time off with our acknowledgement to land, our good morning song and days of the week song. We have also started to do a weather report where one child each morning will let us know what the forecast for the day it. We then started to talk about a special day that is coming up… Mothers Day… to which we then started to do some arts and crafts as all the children want to make something specials. So mums be warned you will be getting a present but what it is you’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Whilst some children worked on their present others got involved with dramatic play & puzzles. Others spent their time in the transportation & construction area, they are really loving our recent addition which is our mat on the floor complete with roads and bays.

Lunch today was rice, tofu, roasted vegetables and our salad bar, all children filling their plates with salad a rice! It so so good to see them eating vegetables we hope that they do or are encouraged todo so at home too.


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our last day at kindy for the week!

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany