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Hello Families and Friends!
Happy Friday 😊

and a warm welcome from Toddlers two! Today in our group we welcomed:
Avery, Jackson, Thomas, Indi, Jackson C, Mathias, Cameron, Edward, Noah, Finely, Leiana, Kynell, Max, Spencer and Noa.

What a glorious week we are having in toddlers Two our friends had so many beautiful learning opportunities. Today we are having a fabulous day filled with so much love, cuddles, giggles, and hugs! Our day began with the children enjoying the fresh freeze and the warm sun in our beautiful playground. After putted our hats on and sunscreen, we decided to warm up ourselves and set down under the sunlight to read book with Miss Gabi, was an enjoyable and relaxing time.
Then, happily the children made their way looking for their interests games and companies – Riding the bikes around the yard, sandpit building a birthday cake and running over the bridge were the favorite pastime around the yard this morning!

Then we decided to explore a different scenario and come inside for our morning routines, group time and morning tea time.

For our group we celebrated International Day of family, Miss Gabi invited all toddlers two to set down in the group mat for started it we had a conversation about how is in your family, using puppets to illustrate the family members, then each child could to hold one of the puppets.
After the “little show” we read a book that calls “My family” and talks about so many different type of families. 😊 Our friends enjoyed the story time very much, special play with the puppets.
Then it was time for time for our transition for washing hands singing “bee bee bumble bee” say our names then washing hands and get already for morning tea.

For morning tea we had a delicious Healthy Apple owl rice cakes made with a homemade sunflower butter, apple slices, banana, blueberries, mandarin slices and little o`s, on ed of sultanas diced apricots and handful of strawberries – Morning tea was a successful around here today.

With our tummies full was time for another adventure exploring our beautiful room. The children were excite and they enjoyed engage in: Dolls houses – Playing with the little dolls pretending they were sleeping, cooking and having a bath. Our friends had a great fun in the role play.
They also enjoy construction with magnetics and playing in the car site.
Miss Hope, also organized a drawing table for our friends drawing their families. 😊

For Lunch time today we had another incredible meal a Ocean Hugger Fish and Chips- Cryspy vegan banana blossom “pish” piece covered in coconut sunflower seed crumbs and served with lots of crunchy sweet potato, Potato, broccoli, Carrot and Zucchini Chips.

Was a beautiful learning and playful week at the toddlers’ classroom. This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 1.

Check out the photos.

With Love
Miss Gabi, Hope and Miss Lara