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Hello Families,

Welcome to our day in Babies 3.

Today our day began with the visit of our friends from Babies 1 and 2. Together we explored our room and play with all that we find in front of us. The mess was huge. Luckily, our friends showed independence and great development, collaborating with the tidy up while singing a ‘tidy up’ song. Halle, Liz, Charlie and Luna helped.

Then all our friends were very excited to be able to play outside. Extending our week of animal study, we found in our yard several animals together from our giant blocks and it was an immense fun to try to reach them by climbing or tearing down the blocks. Miss Shae asked the children the names of the animals and Charlie got them all right. Liz loved imitating the Tiger. Augie imitated the Lion. And Halle replied ‘mooooo’ to what noise the elephant makes. We all laughed a lot.

Since we are in the animal theme, Miss Vanessa laminated some animals and told everyone a story involving the animals and their sounds. Then we set up a puzzle with the animal`s pieces one the wall. The main goal were to find and stick onto the wall the other half of the animals. It was quite challenging. We need to stimulate our logical skills. Augie did very well, but Avery was really the one who stood out the most. Luna and Charlie liked to gather their pieces on the table more. Liz’s favourite part was imitating animals. Peyton’s was stick the images on the wall, and Valencia’s was sure to observe the final result.

And speaking of Valencia, our friend has demonstrated a lot of resourcefulness in the process of adapting the new room. She showed no difficulty in engaging in activities, playing with friends, and following routines.

After this activity we organized ourselves for our lunch, as usual, with a soft music and low light. We changed our diapers, packed our beds and had a delicious lunch before our well-deserved rest. And the afternoon promises us much more.


See you all very soon.

♥ Miss Nessa and Miss Shae ♥