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Hello families, welcome to Monday in Babies 3,

Miss Mel was away again today so we had Miss Jade in the room with us the whole day.

Our day begun exploring our room. Charlie took good care of all the dolls, feeding them and put them to sleep. “Baby did poo, I change her” she said. Liz was a bit emotional in the morning, but she quickly settled with some books. Our other friends tried different toys and engaged in different plays before the morning tea, like We also enjoyed making music with the instruments, playing with babies, and stacking blocks until they fell down.

At 9:00 Liz, Luna and Charlie went to toddlers’ room and our friends explored the yard. Our new friend Matthew arrived today and surprised all of us: no tears! He played around seeing what was going on, trying some toys, and exploring group activities. Theo also loved to explore the outside, climbing around, running, and pushing trolleys.

Since last week Valencia and Winston demonstrated big interest in puppets, Miss Nessa made a puppet show about friendship, caring and how to treat our friends. Matthew watched it all no blinking. Valencia, Parker, and Winston loved to interact with the puppets too and often came up to give lots of warm cuddles and kisses to the actors in the show.

At 10:30am we had yoga. Miss Haley played some relaxing ocean music and we played with some of her shells and sea animals. She then showed us the upside-down turtle pose. Parker loved copying this move. After, Valencia, Winston and Parker helped the yoga teacher to pack away.

We then came inside for yummy rice and a sleep after our busy morning. We are looking forward to an afternoon full of more exploring.

Unfortunately, we are still having issues uploading photos however please check them out as you pick your little ones up today, they are located next to the daily program on the wall as you walk into the room on your right-hand side.

Have a great week!

Miss Vanessa & Miss Jade