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Hello families, Welcome to Wednesday in babies 3.

Our morning began in Toddlers where Winston was first to arrive. Winston gave Mel lots of cuddles on arrival, once settles he pushed the big dump truck around the room, placing different toys inside. We headed over to Babies 2 when Isla, Parker, Olivia, and Bella arrived.

We enjoyed exploring the room and then ventured outside to explore the small yard as the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. Isla sat on the mat with a dolly, she also showed her educators how clever she is pulling up onto the walker. Parker an Olivia were pushing around another walker, collecting bark in their travels, and filling up the back of the walker.

We then left the smaller yard and excitedly ran through the gate to our big yard.  Bella enjoyed the sea-saw and pushing the mower around the yard. Valencia arrived and sat on the mat looking through some books with Miss Mel, Parker joined us. Winston and Parker made up a game of bounding on the soft blocks. They shared giggles together as they jumped on and off the soft blocks. Olivia joined her friends as it looked like so much fun. Olivia and Winston also enjoyed sitting on our new fire engine bikes/walkers. Olivia played a game of peek a book at the end of the tunnel with Bella.

Our friend Daris arrived, and we all headed inside to wash our hands for morning tea. Once morning tea was finished and we had cleaned up it was time for some free play. Daris was admiring his reflection in the mirror, smiling, and pulling faces to himself as he played in home corner. Bella and Valencia sat engaged with the spinning toy, taking turns as they placed each ring one at a time and tracking the ring with their eyes as the they watched it spin all the way to the bottom. Isla made her way over to the doll house, happily playing with all the dolls furniture. Mathew was fascinated with the toy cash register opening and closing the draw, he also sat quietly looking through the space book and pointing to all the pictures.

Bella then asked Miss Nessa for “Baby Shark!!” Her friends rushing over with excitement as this is one of our favourite songs to sing and do the actions to. We all spun, jumped and twirled around as we were doing the actions. It was lots of fun!!

Continuing with our interest in the fire truck yesterday, today we were making a collage fire!! Using yellow and red streamers, brown paint, glue, paint brushes and paper plates.

Putting our art smocks on we were all very eager and curious to get started. Bella, Parker, Valencia and Olivia all repeated Miss Nessa saying “fire” as they began to place the streamers onto the wet sticky brown paint.  Isla loved dipping her brush into the brown paint, as did Winston ,Matthew Daris, Valencia, Parker and Olivia. Some of us were a little unsure about how sticky our hands became once covered in glue. Parker just wanted to wash her hands. “Wash, wash” she kept repeating.

Once we were all cleaned up Parker instigated a Babies 3 band!! Picking up and instrument soon all her friends joined her and began beating along to their own music sharing giggles together. It was so cute to watch our friends interacting and bonding together.

It was time for the “clean up” song. We all helped to pack away our toys before washing our hands and sitting at the table ready for our yummy lunch. Miss Nessa lowered the blinds and played some soft relaxing music as our babies drifted off for a nice long nap to recharge their batteries for this afternoon play. We will be heading back outside for more exploring while the sun is shining.

We are so proud of Bella and Daris at how well they are settling into their new learning environment and educators. We just love having you both as part of our Babies 3 family.

Thank you babies for a wonderful Wednesday.

See you all very soon

Miss Mel and Miss Nessa. xoxoxox