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Today we welcomed ten friends into our Kindy 2 classroom; Tate, Ivy, Ryan, Riley, Ella, Emerson, Harper, Owen, Millicent and Hendrix.

While our friends had morning tea of raisin toast and jelly, we had a lovely and informative conversation about children from other nations who might not be as advantaged, with less food and toys. The children gave lots of input into this conversation, with it taking many courses.

After this we painted lovely car picture frames and sprinkled them with glitter. Hence, we can take them home frame our family or friends in them. To complete our complicated task, we used all of our creativity and fine motor skills, all while having a chat to our friends.

Our free play time was filled with puzzles and building a cubby house. We used pillows and our mats for it. So many hidden spaces were created!

After this it was time for outdoor play. Miss Denise engaged with us in a game of Duck, Duck Goose. Ryan and Riley chased each other many times, while Ella and Millie tried to get them. Tate, Hendrix and Ivy investigated some leaves in our bushes and pretended late to make sandwiches out of them in the outdoor kitchen. Some of our friends practised their gross-motor skills while shooting goals and balancing the ball upon cones. We increased our social skills while teaming up in groups with peers.

Now it was time for lunch where we had noodles with chicken or veggies balls. Ella helped setting up the table and all of the friends used their self-help skills to serve themselves out of a variety of different foods. We set up our beds and rested to some relaxing music.

Thank you,

Miss Denise and Miss Shannan