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Welcome back families to the Toddlers Two Room. We are more than over the moon to be back in full action and to see all the children’s smiles. It was a day of joy, adventure and so much more.

Our friends eagerly headed outside to meet with their peers and teachers. The children enjoyed riding the bikes making sure to keep great balancing skills, swinging through the breeze on the swing, and using their strong legs and arms as they climb through the fort. The sand was damp from the rain last night which meant it was PERFECT to make sandcastles and more creations. What fun all children had this beautiful morning. We then meet with Miss Gabi on the veranda, to read a book, sang ‘’Wheels on the bus’’ before singing our transition song to washing hands as we came through to morning tea. For morning tea today, it was a delicious Blueberry quinoa Breakfast with medley of seasonal fresh Fruits. The children are becoming so confident with self-serving which is amazing to see!

This morning’s indoor journey, we decided to have a dance party with our new dress ups Miss Emma got for us!!! They LOVED them all! From being a police officer to a butterfly, ladybug, crocodile, and cow. Lots of groovy moves were seen as well as big smiles as they danced away in their dress ups. Throughout this time there were set up activities on the tables where the children were able to freely flow from if they wish, such as.

  • Crayon drawing on paper
  • Problem solving with puzzles
  • Building with the large Lego blocks

The time flew by as before we knew it, it was time to help Miss Jess make our beds before heading outside for a lovely adventure before we came in for lunch and a reenergised rest.

This afternoon as the children woke up and had a BIG stretch, we got ready for afternoon tea before having a joyful evening with our peers and teachers

Thank you so much for today!

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx