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Happy Friday everyone. What a wonderful day we have had in the Kindergarten exploring a variety of experiences that enabled us to express and explore our creativity and imagination.

This morning at group time the after doing our morning songs, the children asked if they could go and do their activities. As I like the children to lead the way in the program. I feel this is important for children to feel valued and this is how meaningful learning happens as children are engaging in play that they enjoy. I thought this was a great idea as I could see the children were eager to explore an experience they had not tried before, which was blow painting.

A big thank you to Harper and Hamilton who helped set up the classroom for todays learning yesterday afternoon. They commented that they wanted to do play dough and painting. They helped choose the colours and set them up on the table, a long with setting the scene in the home corner. Since introducing this responsibility into our program the children have seemed to be enjoying having the responsibility and as a result lots of wonderful engaged play is occurring as well as the children having a sense of pride in what they have set up for their peers. I wonder who is going to be my helpers for today?

As mentioned earlier one of the experiences today was paint blowing. As Harper and Hamilton had asked for painting yesterday, I thought we could try experimenting using a different painting instrument. As the children engaged in this experience they had the opportunity to be creative , expressive, identify colours, persevere with challenges and use their problem solving skills as they worked out how to blow the paint around the page to create their work of art. We also talked about the importance of choosing one straw and once we had finished using it to put it in the rubbish, to protect ourselves from germs. I loved seeing the children’s creations and once again we had some lovely communication happening. Harper suggested that we could mix the colours, Layla said ” it’s like putting icing on the page” and ” I can do big blobs and big breaths”, Matthew did a great job at identifying the colours he was using and Angelina commented how she was making lots of dots.

At the play dough table once again their was lots of creative and imaginative exploration happening as the children manipulated the play dough into their desired creations, used the different patterned rolling pins and the scissors. Hamilton was hard at work making a house and a volcano with spikes that got squashed by a road roller. Matthew made a snake, then a long snake, and a doughnut, Layla, and Harper made some yummy cake pops. I loved how their was collaboration of ideas among the children.

Sage was having a great time in home corner this morning being the Chef of the shop, I loved watching him flip the eggs that were in the pan looking as though he had lots of practice before. Layla and Hamilton joined in home corner buying items from his shop. He had a difficult customer Layla, who would not pay for his items therefore he thought it was fair that they pay more when she escaped with the food. I loved seeing this playful type of play.

Hamilton also enjoyed some nice quiet time reading the big books in home corner.

Dance time fun with Mr G. Some of you might not be aware but Mr G is a dance teacher as well.

Today we did some dancing in the outdoor education centre. Starting with a high energy warm up followed by some stretching. Once every one was warm up and ready to dance, we learnt a short routine to “Move it Move it”. The routine involved the entire class participating in range of styles including jazz and hip hop. The routine was challenging, but the class where up more than up to the challenge! Well done team!

We hope you have a safe and happy weekend

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner