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Tuesday 1st October 2019

Good afternoon and welcome to October

Today in Senior Kindergarten the children had a lovely day. With a big class of 9 children we enjoyed playing with our friends and learning in our everyday play.

This morning Zander, Asher and Ellie relaxed on the warm grass hill, very excited to see each other. Lily was having fun playing with some of the kindergarten children in the sandpit. While Mia and Kaylee were enjoying the play time with their older brothers who are here for vacation care.

Once inside we welcome Zahra, Ella and Zahli to Kindy. We sang along to our two morning songs, ‘Hello’ and ‘People all around the world’. They sang and did the actions so beautifully today! Our friend Ellie was so excited to show her friends the pictures in Bob the Sloth book of her adventure with him last week. Ellie sat up in front of the class flipping through the pages and telling the children what she and her family did with Bob, our travelling sloth. Ellie told us she took Bob to the Dentist, Bunnings and even McDonalds for her birthday dinner. We are so excited to give everyone a chance of having their own adventures with Bob. (don’t forget to book you time in with bob on the calendar in the room)

The activities today were lots of fun. The children were really engaged and interacting positively with each other. At our first table we had two bowls of water with frogs, lily pads, small wood pieces, clear gems and water. This was an extension from our tadpole discovery last week where we found tadpoles in the outside drain. The children loved dipping their hands into the water and role playing with the frogs. Children’s voice:

Zahra- Treasure! Find treasure Mia!

Mia- Hello, hello, hello! You can go over here

Zander- They laid the egg, he’s going to jump.

Asher and Ellie both came over to the table and were singing ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ while they moved the toy frogs to go along with the song.

Our new friend Zahli told me that she like playing with play dough. We brought out the green play dough and decided to add scissors and rolling pins. It was great practice to use the scissors focusing in closing and opening the scissors to cut. Children’s voice:

Kaylee- Look what I’m making guys, a monster.

Lily- Oh wobbly

On the third table we had colour and shape matching Velcro boards. This was a fun sensory learning activity for the children. When Zahli finished matching her pieces she said, “I did it!”

Ella was having fun with the baby dolls and exploring the activities. She said, “It’s a baby”.

Before lunch we had Yoga with Miss Gabby. Today we popped some bubbles, sang along to some songs while practicing yoga poses and had a relaxation time with scented rice light weights to place over our eyes while Miss Gabby gently tickled our bodies with her feather wand.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon. If you child comes on Wednesday this week, please make sure you fill out a permission slip for them if you would like them to attend the Ocean Stars show that is coming to the centre.

Miss TJ