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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families and carers everyone, and welcome to Thursday!

Today we had a variety of play-based activities available, both indoors and outdoors. The children were quite intrigued with the new climbing apparatus available outside this morning, with many eager to climb it as soon as they arrived.

In addition, we all had a very good time in the sandpit today, with many of us having our legs buried, pretending to be mermaids, as suggested by Mariah.

Arakan was popular once again, with several of the children really enjoying and anticipating the running/self-defence classes that take place each week.

Inside play-based learning experiences today included:

  • Painting with assorted shapes and acrylic paints at the easel
  • Making flower collages from leaves, paper patties, pom poms and PVC glue – Amayah made one especially for Miss Tania
  • Playdough with shape cutters and plastic scissors
  • Insects and magnifying glasses – very popular once again, especially the spiders and snakes
  • Hand puppets for dramatic play

Until tomorrow everyone, have a lovely afternoon 😊

Love from Miss Donna and Miss Tania xxxx