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Hello families

Welcome to babies two room. It has been an amazing day with all our little friends Spencer, Avery, Halle, Finley, Cameron, Noah and Max. We started our day having morning tea while listening to some nice morning songs as our babies love music anytime. Then we washed our hands and joined to explore indoor activities. Noah, Max, Finley and Cameron enjoyed playing with the trucks while the girls exploring different varieties of animals such as dinosaur, sea animals and wild animals.Then we enjoyed nice group time singing ” Row Row Row your boat” and ”Twinkle Twinkle little star”.

After exploring the indoor experiences, children have been choosing to play outside with babies one friends. We set up a sensory experience using sand and bark where we can find from our natural environment to let them touch and feel the different of bark and sand. They enjoyed touching, Throwing and Mixing the sand and bark . It was nice to see that our babies are enjoying group activities with their friends from next door. Noah and Spencer engaged with Egg carton craft activity  before the lunch time today. They both were very excited to paint their egg carton using different colours.

have a lovely day…

Much love from Miss,Hansani and Miss.Otavia…..