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Jingeri families,

As the week charges ahead, we find ourselves in the thick of Thursday. We have had the pleasure of our four familiar faces, Lara, Jackson, Noah and Finley today for a full day of cuddles and kisses galore.

Our week’s focus on the letter T has opened up the idea to musical body parts, so today we used the Tambourine and the Triangle to Tap our Toes and Tickle our Tummies. This incorporates the sense of well-being we want to create with the children by encouraging them to be in touch with their bodies and their emotions, so that they are able to be connect their emotions with their physical feelings as they learn to communicate their needs. By gradually learning the names of their body parts, and the sensations that come with them, they will be able to develop an ability to regulate their emotions.

The children are playing together beautifully, with group games and quiet individual adventures around the room. I am so please with our space and our friendships.

I look forward to tomorrow.