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Welcome to wonderful Wednesday.

What a nice day it has been in the Kindergarten today. This morning we just had a short play outside as once again the smoke came in and it was a little to smoky for us to play outside. Upon coming inside the children decided that they wanted to explore the peg boards and build with the dominos. Then we were ready for our delicious morning tea of an assortment of fruit and fruit toast.

Next we joined on the mat where we sung some songs and talked about what we were going to be doing today. Elliott was very excited to share with us his play dough that he had brought in from home which smelt just like candy canes. Next we transitioned from the mat into our morning activities. Today we continued on with our Christmas tree, making paper chains which we then form into a Christmas tree. It was great to see the children supporting and guiding one another as they worked out how to create the paper chains. As the children engaged in this experience they incorporated mathematical language along with using their problem solving skills and persevering with challenges. This afternoon we will continue to work on our Christmas tree during our quiet activity time. The children had the opportunity to continue writing their letters to Santa. Once again the children were so excited to practice their writing showing such pride showing myself and Miss Gabby what they had written. The children had a wonderful time exploring and manipulating the play dough. Elliott was so kind to share out the play dough he had brought in for his peers encouraging the children to smell and asking them what they thought it smelt like. I loved seeing the wonderful creations the children came up with such as candy canes, snow men, Santa and much more.

This morning there was also a lot of excitement as many of our friends are off to their school visit this afternoon. It is so lovely to see them all so excited about their next learning adventure. I can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone

Miss Emma and Miss Gabby