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Good afternoon everyone – welcome to Tuesday! It has been a very warm day again today. We made sure all the children remained well hydrated with lots of water.

Today we have continued with Christmas inspired ideas. These have included:

  • Cutting out Christmas gifts from catalogues/brochures – Theo and Arlo are hoping for a whole room full of Lego by the looks of things 😊 Cutting is such a great activity for children as it helps develop their hand-eye coordination skills and hand muscle strength/manual dexterity
  • Cutting out elf inspired pictures and pasting onto orange paper with PVA glue and paintbrushes – Eva, Henry and Genevieve were very engrossed in cutting out lots of pictures with a high degree of precision – great work!
  • Working on our group material mural – Miss Amanda made a lovely mountain scene from glittery felt placed on a large piece of hessian, and the children have made lots of Christmas trees from a variety of different felt colours, glitter, sequins and a gold star – it is looking beautiful

Other fun-filled learning experiences today included:

  • Drawing on mini whiteboards with assorted neon markers – Genevieve drew lots of yellow balloons, Kianni, Indi, Reid, Xavier and Braxton drew very colourful rainbows, Hazel drew lots of Christmas presents, and Oli drew a really lovely smiley face. Reid and Xavier drew little robots
  • Myah, Kianni and Indi had a good time at the playdough table making a variety of cookie cut outs and lollipops
  • Charlotte spent some tme at the threading activity table where she was able to competently thread a variety of differently shaped blocks onto a very long shoelace

At group time we practised our action rhymes and hand clapping with a friend – it is a bit tricky but the children really enjoying learning a new skill – a favourite tune is β€œMiss Mary Mack”.

Until tomorrow everyone, have a lovely day! Love Miss Donna and Miss Amanda xxx