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Happy Monday Families & Friends!!! 

Miss Gabi and Mr. Don welcome today Elliott, Angelina, Mila, Parker, Harper, Wolfy,  Emily, Matthew, Noah and also our new friend Entae to the Vacation care team. 

What a beautiful sunny day was perfect for water games!!! Everybody got their swimmers on and spend a morning time outside played water games with the hose, threw water balloons and started sliding on the wet grass. Wow, it was so much fun they absolutely loved their water play day. They had the opportunity to explore the craft and paint as well. Miss Gabi set up a table with three different colors and invite the children to do a different type of paint today. We used eye drop as a tool to squeeze paint and made wonderful pictures. 

We are planning to have a noise and creativity afternoon. We are going to make musical instruments and enjoy the resources to make it and decorate it.  

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities collage, make squeeze bag, colorful clay, Lego, drawing and much more. 

Check out the photos!!! 

With Love

Miss Gabi