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Happy Monday Pre Kindergarten 😊

Happy 3rd Birthday to our friend Tate who had his birthday on Saturday!

We also welcome a new friend to the Pre-Kindergarten classroom, Tanner! Tanner was amazing for his first day. He was confident to say hello to his new classmates and was very eager to explore the playground. We look forward to getting to know you Tanner 😊

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Pre Kindy children enjoyed their day today, especially enjoying the outdoors! This morning, Miss TJ engaged the children in the kitchen area set up with pots, pans, utensils and using the natural materials around them such as the leaves from the tree, the bark on the ground and the herbs and vegetables from the garden. They had an absolute blast experimenting and working in teams to create. Rosie said that she was make “fruit”. Zander and Asher were working together to make “cake”, while Ivy made “dinner”. Arlo and Emerson also worked together to pour water into a cupcake tray while using their communication skills. It was so great to see the children sharing the equipment and exploring their sense of touch. Pre Kindy loved exploring other areas of the playground such as the doll house, swinging on the monkey bars, covering their legs with sand, riding the bikes around the yard and welcoming their friends to kindy with bug hugs.

Coming inside, Miss Bea read ‘The very tempered lady bug’ which was chosen by the children. The class then transitioned off the activity time where they had a choice to play indoors or outdoors. Most of the group made their way out to the fresh air to continue the exploring from the morning play while others enjoyed some quiet activities inside such as free drawing, numeracy Velcro board games and the mindfulness table set up with sand and bubble timers. We will be adding stress balls for the children to play with this week as a tool to help soothe and help relax our bodies.

After our big play we came back inside to read a chosen story from Arlo called ‘The gingerbread man’ as he has brought in his gingerbread man soft toy for rest time. The children always love listening to the classic tales and are always very engaged in the story, calling out the words to the story.

We apologise that there are not many photos from today. We had a little malfunction with the camera, but it is all sorted and we will capture many photos during the week to make up for it 😊

Miss TJ, Miss Bea and Miss Shanaya x