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Wednesday 20th of May Blog

The overcast day did not spoil Pre-Kindergarten’s fun today. It gave us the chance to enjoy the environment indoors a bit more and also the company of our classmates. Today we welcome Jamal back to Kindy, who was very excited to see his friends and Miss Livia 😊 Washing up our dishes is so much fun! Today after our morning tea the children lined up and cleaned up their bowls and spoons using a cloth in soapy water. Great self-help practice for the children. Over to the group mat we sang our ‘Hello’ morning song to welcome back some of our friends and warm up our voices. This morning’s group discussion was an extension off our learning on pollution in the ocean. We spoke about the other ways we can help save our planet such as planting trees and gardens, saving water, saving energy by switching off lights when we aren’t in the room,   recycling and the big one that everyone was talking about- putting rubbish in the bin. We then watched a short clip on the ways we can contribute to taking care of Earth. Mr Nick is currently getting a worm farm for use to place our scraps in for the worm to eat and provide liquid for us to use in our gardens.

The class have been enjoying water play lately. Today we planned to have ocean creatures in some bubbly water with some pieces of string to role play ‘saving the animals from pollution’. The class absolutely loved this experience and it was so great to listen to the stories they were telling and the conversations about the animals becoming stuck in the “net”. A few friends were having fun naming the animals too. Children’s voice:

Ellie: Oh no the stingrays stuck

Willow: Oh no TJ! The whale. The turtle. It’s free!

Hendrix: He’s free

William: Weeee!

Arlo: Oh no he eat it. Oh no its stuck on this (fin)

The class have also showed an interest in the farm and barn set. They seem to love playing with figurines and role-playing stories with their friends. We also pulled out the shape matching game where the children had to match the shapes to create a picture. Tanner really loved this experience and was super proud of himself when he had completed the picture. A few friends joined Marlie at the drawing table taking scissors, crayons, pens and coloured paper of the shelf for them to use. We love that the children are taking responsibility for themselves choosing their own materials to play with off the shelves and playing with them carefully. Marlie was super excited to draw giraffes with her families faces on them. She is really looking forward to showing her family when she goes home today. Our friend Jamal absolutely loves cars, so for his first day back we decided to pull out the car mat and the box of cars to play with down on the floor. His friends were also jumping for joy! A group of children initiated some drum playing, grabbing the bamboo sticks and hitting them together or on the mushroom seats to make a noise.  

For a little outing the children joined Miss TJ in small groups, on a walk to visit where the worm farm will be set up. The worm farm is behind a gated area near the playground, which the children don’t usually go so it was very exciting going somewhere where we haven’t been before. We found the large bucket which will be our worm farm and also explored and investigated the herbs in the garden such as mint, rosemary, thyme and parsley. The children picked off a leaf to smell and pass to their friends. We also found a grasshopper and Mr Nick was digging and found an earth worm wiggling around. What a nice little adventure exploring and getting some fresh air.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x