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Hi families, hope you have had a great Thursday.

Today in our toddlers room we had 10 friends! We had Delila, Chanel, Colton, Vaughan, Kennedy, Harry, Everlea, Harrison, Luca and Ivy.

We began our day outside playing with the bikes, obstacle course, sandpit and ringing the bell on the playground.

Once the children had had a big play outside, we transitioned inside to have some morning tea, singing our hand washing song, many of the children sang along as they were washing their hands. We then got our drink bottles and sat down for some yummy pancakes and fruit, the children ate it all up and were excited to play again.

After this we decided to play inside for a little while, the children were especially interested in the climbing obstacle course we have put together inside the classroom. They were also very engaged playing with home corner, the babies and making food for each other. As well as the soft lego bricks and the dolls house. We then decided to open the doors to outside so the children could decide whether they wanted to continue playing inside or whether they wanted to go out again, we played with cars, and animals outside this time!

Lots of love, Miss Danna and Miss Steph xxx