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Good Afternoon!! We have had a beautiful day, we spent most of our morning outside. We enjoyed some climbing and running in the climbing yard. Finley, Tairongo, Cameron and Jackson really enjoyed it. They love having a big open space to run around and kick the balls and to build their Gross Motor Skills and Physical Development. We also enjoyed some more paintings for NAIDOC week. Today we did a big group hand painting using black, yellow and red. We cannot wait to put it on our wall to add to all our other art displays. Our room is starting to look so beautiful and colourful and the children love seeing all their artwork and pictures on the walls.


The children explored all their favourite activities inside today. Our new animals are a favourite today. Finley was telling Miss T’arn all the sounds that each animal makes and asked her “what’s that?” if he was not sure. Tairongo preferred to collect all the animals and put them into the toy school bus and drove them around the room. Miss Hansani started singing “wheels on the bus.”

Group Times

Once Miss Hansani started to sing all the children were listening and dancing, this became a beautiful musical group time. All though the children were not sitting together on the mat for this, they joined in from where they were playing. Everyone loves singing and dancing and it has become a big part of our daily routine.

What I enjoyed today

Today we enjoyed our group painting. We all love doing artwork and getting messy. This is great for their Sensory Development and Fine Motor Skills.


Please remember to label all your child’s belongings to prevent things being misplaced. There are different float staff who come into the room and don’t know your child’s belongings. It is not always easy to remember the belongings of all the children in our room. This will make things easier for us to find all your child’s belongings and return them to you if misplaced. Thank you, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani x

Have a great evening everyone, we will see you all tomorrow!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx