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MONDAY 13th JULY 2020 – BABIES 1.

Hello everyone from the Babies 1 Room today!  This morning Miss Kate welcomed all our friends with a nice warm cuddle on this wet start to the week!  😊  We ensure the children feel a strong sense of identity by building trusting relationships and bonds so they feel safe and secure throughout their busy days spent with us!

As follow up to our parent-educator meetings we loved setting goals for your little ones to reach their full potentials and today we encouraged Charlie to practice using her spoon at self-feeding as an independence skill.  Peyton also practiced her walking solo practice with so much standing unaided today, we are sure she will take off any day now!  😊

Edward  and Oliver explored the home corner play space today where he works on his imaginative play in readiness for social development and role play.  😊

Olive gave huge smiles to Miss Kate this morning as she explored the different textures of the new ring we made for our room which has different feels of the scarves!  😊

Books are always a regular daily focus of our days to extend language whilst being in a supportive room following the conversational reading strategy from the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH which works wonders for our vocabulary skills.  😊

FRIENDLY REMINDER – FRIDAY 17th JULY – is National Pyjama Day where you are welcome to dress in your snazzy pj’s and donate a gold coin in aid of helping to raise vital funds for children in foster care. Together, we can support little kids with BIG dreams. 😊

Thanks for a happy day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥