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Alert everybody attending Kindy tomorrow Friday 7th of August its Jeans for Genes day so please come in jeans and bring a donation for support…… but for today check out what we got up to

While playing outside this morning, the horses decided to put their face over the fence. We allowed and assisted the children to feed the horses the grass that Mr Nick got for us.

The children also got to get messy and paint the windows of their classroom again. This was free painting the children could paint whatever, and wherever they wanted to on the windows.

Also, this morning we used coloured pasta as a tool for practicing cutting skills and fine motor development.

Group time
Today for group time the children wanted to listen, sing and dance to different songs playing on the speaker. Everybody sat very nicely in a circle and all participated and sung a few songs together. During todays group time the children loved that they got to listen to some of their most favourite songs from the Ipad. Some children decided to stand up and dance to every single song. And also asked for more and more. We let the children take turns to choose what song will be the next one – “ Baby shark “ and “ Sleep little bunnies” were the most popular song around here.

Inside today at lunch time we allowed the children to serve their own food. This is becoming a usual thing for the children to do. In letting the children serve their own food it is encouraging them to eat more and more each meal time.