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Happy Thursday and welcome to AUGUST!

It has been a lovely day in the Senior Kindy room with only Ellie and Chihiro. We enjoyed a beautiful morning play outside taking in the warmth of the sun. Once inside we went straight to morning tea where we practiced our self-help skills and fine motor while serving up our food using tongs. Both Ellie and Chi enjoyed having the responsibility to plate up their own food.

Next we went to our Book Nook where Miss TJ told us the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ using pictures on a whiteboard. We revisited this story from yesterday as the children are really enjoying the fairy tales. When talking about the bowls, chairs and beds of the bears we used some describing words like small, medium, big and hard, soft and just right.

While reading the story the girls were holding a baby doll each. The children have shown great interest in our baby dolls so today we decided to enjoy the beautiful morning weather outside washing the baby dolls in a water bucket using cloths. Chihiro and Ellie were both screaming with excitement heading outside with their baby. Chi said “The babies are dirty” and Ellie replied saying “Yeah they are smelly, they need a bath”. While washing the two girls were having plenty of back and forth conversation. Ellie- “My babies name is Angelina, Angelina is having a wash by the ocean. Is it ticklish? He’s getting nice and shiny”. Chihiro- “Look at my baby, brum brum brum in the tub! Ahh nice and clean, all shiny and beautiful”.

It was then time for our Martial Arts lesson. Ellie and Chihiro had to use great listening ears to hear the instructions. They enjoyed the running races around the yard warming up their bodies and hitting the glove practicing with right and left hands.

Other popular activities today were free drawing, continued painting paper for our family tree, dressing the babies and Ellie’s request of dancing to ‘The Skeleton song’. Ellie danced and sang along to the song pointing to body parts and doing certain actions. Chi then started to sing ‘Wheels on the bus’ so we then played that song too singing along as a group while we played.

Hope you all had a great Thursday

Miss TJ