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Welcome to the end of the short and sweet week already here in the Babies 1 Room.  We have had such a wonderful day today celebrating RED NOSE DAY and being confident little learners!  😊  This morning Miss Nads kindly created and gave us a wonderful treasure basket full of red things for us to explore!  Treasure baskets are usually themed with a range of things for us to extend our development by the use of senses as we explore the many things including – red hat, red ribbons, red bows, red paper, red flowers, red leaves, red book, red truck, red cups, red sensory glitter bottle and a red bag! 😊  The treasure basket is also great for us to extend our language and communication as the children vocalise and make sounds.

We have also been busy babies participating in a range of creative activities to add to our learning displays in our room which the children have loved taking part!  The Father’s Day crafts are well underway too!  😊

The children self-selected the different sized, textured and coloured balls today to practice their physical gross motor development and coordination skills.  😊

Spontaneous singing, conversational reading and enriched caregiving moments to increase language as a priority is always an integral part of our days here which all the children respond well too!  😊

Have a wonderful long weekend one and all!

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥