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Happy Monday friends and family 😊

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you to Hendrix for sharing with the class his adventures with his mum and brother on the weekend. We read out Hendrix’s weekend form which said that they went and stayed at a hotel over the weekend and even swam in the warm pool. It is so nice to share with everyone what we did over the weekend. If you have not received a weekend form, please collect one from Miss TJ or by the communication book table (reception).

Pre Kindy enjoyed a picnic morning tea in the secret garden. We listened to Miss TJ, reading a story called Gary the flying fish before we sat together and sang ABC, 5 little speckled frogs, Taba Naba and Hello.

This morning the Pre-Kindergarten children were having fun exploring and role-playing games in little groups. We were having such a great time that we decided to spend our day outside. Bonnie, Tate and Zane spent their morning mixing the sand and bark together over by the kitchen making cakes.  Arlo, Emerson, Tanner and Marlie were enjoying climbing the fort and obstacle course. Marama, Macy, Jaxon and Jamal were playing a game where they were rushing onto the bikes and then up the hill to do it all over again. Ellie and Ivy were using their imagination, pretending that the big rocks were their pet crocodiles. Hendrix was fascinated by Mr Nick using the chainsaw over on the other side of the fence to cut down the fallen trees. To get a better view we all made our way to the worm farm and garden yard to watch Mr Nick. He then popped over to show us how the tap work at the worm farm. We filled up watering cans with the worm juice that will help our plants to gro. The children took turns to water the strawberries, flowers and herb garden.

Miss Lyn brought in some purple sparkly playdough and we used the bottle lids that Emerson donated for tools to use with the dough. Miss Lyn also invited friends over to another table to do their own water colour paint making. They used colourful crepe paper to place onto their page and then used a spray bottle to spray water onto the paper. The children then had to pull off the crepe paper to reveal the colours left onto their page from the crepe paper. Another great experiment following on from Science week last week.

We had our yoga class with Miss Hayley learning a new mindfulness song and then prepared our beds for rest time.

Have a wonderful afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn x