Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to the Kindergarten blog today!

Our day was filled with lots of smiles and some big imaginative projects that the children were completing.

In the morning at group time we talked about all the birthdays we have been having and how old we are and also our siblings. It is great for children to have a understanding about themselves like their birthdays, age, likes and dislikes so that they can communicate these things to others. It is also a big part of them forming their self-identities..

We also did a worksheet were we extended on the rainbow we did yesterday by colouring in circles based on the pictures of the children signing each colour. We have been building our sign language with colours, animals, emotions and are building into small phrases so that they can use it as another genuine method of communication and they are aware of others that need to use this method to communicate.

Other activities that we planned were some number flashcard games where we had to match the numbers to the correct pictures with the right amount of objects. The children have been enjoying these number games and are asking for more and more different types of games to learn their numbers.

A few of the class enjoyed their tennis lesson today while others did some drawing and cutting activities or rode on the bikes. In the afternoon we plan to get outside to do some dodging and throwing games to build the children’s physical and sports skills.

Thanks for joining us today. Enjoy your afternoons everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess