Good morning friends and family, welcome back to this lovely Wednesday!

Today we welcomed our beautiful Hugo to our Babies One Room, were he settled in straight away, and hit it off with all our other beautiful bubbas 😊

We begun our day with some play in the bigger yard, combining with babies two which our bubbas love.  They enjoyed having the opportunity to interact, and socialize with older friends, in which they find it rather fascinating.

We had Daris, Olive, and Oliver playing with the soccer balls, and soft balls, they loved rolling the balls to one another, and attempting to catch them. This activity is great for their gross motor skills, but of course bring our babies so much joy 😊

On the other hand, we have Charlie, Parker Peyton, and Olivia finding joy in the sandpit, particularly throwing the sand around, and using the shovel. They also loved brining over the baby dolls to the sandpit, and ‘shhhing’ them. These activities are great stimulation for their imagination, as is the sand pit great for their fine motor skills 😊

Later through the day, we made our way inside to enjoy some group time, rediscovering the treasure box, filled with all kinds of magic.  All our babies took great interest in this activity, as this grabs all their attention to the fullest 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, we enjoyed some free drawing with pencil and paper, and free chalk drawing on our chalk board. All our babies loved the texture of the chalk and were fascinated when the chalk met the board. This activity is a great play-based learning activity built to stimulate their imagination, and activate their usage of fine motor skills 😊

Overall, today in the Babies one room, we have welcome our beautiful Hugo, who has settled into our Babies One family so very well. We have enjoyed all kinds of adventure for our Wednesday, and much more to come through the week!

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Hansani xo