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Hello all and welcome to our day!

We may have had a little bit of a topsy turbie sort of day today with Miss Tárn being away and Miss Steph filling in for her but I cannot wait to tell you what we got up to. Lets jump straight into it beginning with our morning friendship building group with busy little minds outside combined with Babies 2 and 3. We climbed about the bridge jumping up and falling down, then taking it in turns to maintain the flow of traffic so that everybody got to have a play on the obstacle course. We didn’t want the fun and games to end and we knew how time flies when having fun but we paused to all enjoy our  morning tea so we were then ready to sit down and learn. For group time today Miss Steph read The Gruffalo, she used funny sounding voices for the different animals that came up in the story. Then the children decided that they were going to read it to me and turned the pages after asking “what’s that?” Also for todays activity Miss Hope came prepared with an activity of different coloured rice and ‘black’ coloured pasta as bats to continue on with the Halloween theme for the week. We hope you have had the most fabulous day as we have and look forward to seeing you back here again for another fun filled adventure.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Hope xx