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Good afternoon families and friends. we hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. This afternoon as part of National Science Week, the children engaged in an experiment to investigate what would happen when they dipped cotton buds that had been dipped in liquid soap into bowls of milk with drops of food colour in them. They all enjoyed this experiment, as they watched in wonder at the explosions of colour that this created. Science Factor of this experiment is – milk is made up of water, minerals, vitamins and tiny droplets of fat that are weakened and break when the soap dipped cotton tip touches the food colour. Other activities they enjoyed were, Lego blocks, the indigenous jigsaw floor puzzle, drawing, building with the disk connect set, a game of cards and a quick run outside before it became too chilly. Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow. Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies. 😊💖😊