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Good evening families and friends. This afternoon Mr Nick rescued a big water dragon in the car park, so he brought it in to show the Schoolies. Some of them were curious and asked if they touch him. Very gently they reached out and stroked his back, with comments ranging from “He feels very smooth” to “ I thought he’d feel slimy” After Mr Nick left to return the lizard safely to the garden, I asked the children to thoroughly wash their hands with soapy water, and then asked if they would like to recreate their interpretation of the lizard using watercolour paints. As the children did this they chatted about his colouring and the paints they chose to recreate him. Other activities included, watering our corn seedlings, painting with the wooden animal & bug stamps, mini Lego construction, magnetic snakes and ladders, large Lego blocks, and quiet reading as well as goop play. Enjoy your night everyone. See you all tomorrow.

Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies. 😊💖😊