Good evening to all our families and friends. This afternoon we had twelve friends join us for after school activities. After our afternoon tea and chat about our day I set up the tie dye activity from yesterday again, at the request of some of the children who wished to re engage. Also on offer was playdough with the cutters, knives and stamps. The Octonaut set proved popular with both the boys and the girls. Once we ventured outside into the big playground, the children ran off energy by playing Lava Monsters, chasing their friends through the playground. They also played on the swings in the sandpit, rode the bikes, and read a book on top of the climbing mound. When we returned inside they played with the Lego and the wooden construction set before joining their friends and siblings in Pre Kindergarten room. Have a lovely night and we will see you all tomorrow.
Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies. 😊💖😊