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Good afternoon families and friends. What an interesting afternoon we have had. We have all heard the song ‘Just Walking In The Rain’, well that’s what we did, after the very heavy rain had passed we strolled with our umbrellas back to Kindy. There was lots of talk on the way back about how there were lots of puddles after the rain as how it would be so much fun to jump in them, if we had gum boots. So after our afternoon tea the children decided to relax with Miss Leesa’s big Lego set where they constructed a waterpark. They also engaged in creative play where they looked at various animals and then tried to recreate them out of playdough. Other things they liked today were – a game of trapped penguin, tower construction with the magnetic connector tiles, and colouring with textas, paint pastels and pencils. We hope you all enjoy your evening. See you all tomorrow.
Love from Miss Lyn, Miss Simona  & The Schoolies 😊💖😊