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Thursday 9th April 2020

Welcome to Babies 1 and Babies 2 children combined together on and off today for a fun day! We separated for sleep times and mealtimes to keep our little cherubs in a familiar routine which worked well alongside Miss Kate, Miss Dom and Miss Thais. 😊 The children responded well to outside play where Finley, Noah, Ariana and Edward checked out the big diggers in the sandpit, rocking dinosaurs and textured mats. 😊 Peyton and Parker happily self-selected rattles to explore from the basket this morning very curiously and confidently. 😊 Miller and Scarlett enjoyed the dolls to mother in the home corner area with the play picnic set up as a fun learning environment. 😊 Miss Kate initiated action songs with our friends today, which some of favourites include – ‘Twinkle, little star’ ‘Open shut them’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. 😊
We would like to wish all our wonderful families a HAPPY and SAFE EASTER! “Stay home and eat chocolate!” 😊
Thanks for a nice day Babies 1 and Babies 2 – Miss Kate and Miss Dom. XX