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Happy Friday ♥

Welcome lovely family of the Babies 1 room to our fantastic Friday with Miss Jess♥

This Morning to start our day off Miss Jess asked if our friends would like to do some chalk drawing, Edward seemed very eager to do so by the way he got excited! Our friends Daris, Miller and Edward all really enjoyed letting their hands freely draw away with the chalk. When we had finished with the chalk drawing on paper Miss Jess did some scribbles and a flower on the chalk board in the room to see if our friends found it interesting and fun. Sure enough Edward and Miller LOVED drawing on the chalk board.

Throughout the morning our friends explored throughout the room and self – selected toys of their interest such as –

Miller and Daris found the musical instruments a lot of fun as they both explored different rattles, shakers and so much more, this is a fun way to establish different sounds. Meanwhile Edward found the sensory bottles to be extremely awesome as he shook them around to hear what sound they made! Lots of fun was had throughout the room, many nursery rhymes were sang, bubbles were blown and a lot more.

This afternoon depending on the weather our friends will head outside to get some fresh air and adventure around the outdoor environment with their friends from Babies 3 ♥

Thank You Babies 1 for this lovely Friday,

I hope you all have a safe and beautiful weekend with your loved ones.

Miss Jess♥