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Welcome to our Friday, what a fun day it has been on this lovely day.
We experienced something this exciting this morning, our babies 1 went on an adventure to the kindergarten room joined by Pre Kindy. We watched our older friends hit the dance floor with Miss Jennie from Funky Feet. We watched on with excitement and joy. Quinn was having a ball throwing her hands in the air and head bopping to the beats, Vaughan was happy to sit with Miss Thais while watching his sister dance away. Luca was taking one for the team and decided to hit the dance floor himself and show off his too cute but awesome dance moves.

We had a afternoon of arts and crafts before heading outside to enjoy the beautiful breezy weather that mother earth has provided us with today.
We had a wonderful day today filled with love, laughter, joy, and so much more. We hope you had a lovely day also.

Have a lovely weekend – thank you babies for the wonderful day and see you all next week
Love from Miss Jess and Miss Lyn. xxxx