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We have had such a beautiful Friday in our babies room today! The children enjoyed lots of fun things today. Shayaan and Bentley had a lot of fun doing their car paintings today. When Bentley felt the paint on his hand he began to open and close his hand feeling the texture of the paint. Shayaan was so happy smiling away while doing his painting. He wanted to touch the wheels and feel the paint.

Miss Hansani invited us to join her and Babies 2 out in the yard to do some ice play. Inside the ice was some pompoms and Bugs. The children enjoyed rubbing their hands on the ice and playing in the water from the melted ice. Shayaan and Indiana were poking the bugs and trying to get them out of the ice. Bentley liked the ice but when he realised that it was cold he didn’t like it anymore. Jordan was happy touching the ice with his hands and also tried to lick the ice. Oskar was able to get some of the bugs and pompoms when the ice had melted a bit more!

We hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥