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Happy Valentines Day love from the Babies 1 Room to all our families from Edward, Rosie, Peyton, Scarlett, Bella and Alfie. 😊 Miss Kate and Miss Amanda welcomed our friends with big cuddles before initiating our ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ which they all respond well too with big smiles. Vygotsky stated that language and literacy is ‘scaffolded’ by educators and this enriches the children’s learning, especially when it comes to doing simple action songs. 😊
Miss Kate initiated group pink painting on a large love heart this morning to explore our creativity skills; Rosie, Peyton, Bella and Edward all eagerly participated. 😊 Scarlett, Bella and Edward played in parallel play, alongside each other with the tabletop musical toy with big smiles and lots of chatter. 😊 We also looked at the book, ‘I love my Mummy’ this morning whereby we encourage language and concentration spans in fun learning environment. Alfie and Peyton self-selected the textured balls to explore their senses and hand-eye coordination. Rosie is gaining in confidence day by day and practised using a spoon by herself with the guidance and support from Miss Amanda. 😊
Have a lovely weekend one and all – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda.