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HAPPYYYYY FRIDAY 😊 welcome to our wonderful day in the Babies room 1 😊
Luca, Quinn and Willow started the morning outside with some of their toddler friends. Luca and Willow were having so much fun in the sandpit with the animals. Willow was having lots of fun playing with the cars with Quinn and playing with the rubber frogs outside this morning. Quinn and Luca had lots of fun with the wheelbarrows putting things into it and pushing it along.
When we came inside it was time for morning tea. After we all ate our friend Abel arrived 😊
We all had lots of fun inside playing this morning! Luca, Quinn and Willow were all cooking away in the home corner making lots of scrumptious things and banging away with the pots and pans. We had Storytime with Miss Jess, she read some stories from the “Bedtime Stories Book” our friends Abel, Quinn, Luca and Willow were really engaged in this group time. Throughout the day Miss Jess sang some actions songs and the favorite one now is “Head, shoulders, knees and toes “it’s a big hit here in the Babies room haha 😊 our friends responded well. Luca, Quinn and Willow had fun playing with the big Lego blocks stacking one on the another making a tall castle. Abel enjoyed the musical instruments as well as the books. Our friends had a magical day today and did many fun things.
Thank you Babies 1
I hope you all have a lovely weekend
See you all next week
Love Miss Jess xxx