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Hello and Happy Friday to Babies 1 Families and Friends on this sunshiny day! 😊
We only had 4 little people today, including, Abel, Willow, Kezia and Quinn alongside Miss Kate today. We finalized SCIENCE WEEK by exploring some messy SPAGHETTI in the trough today, which Quinn, Kezia and Willow were keen to explore the sensory play with their fingers! The children are confident and involved learners, by developing dispositions for learning such as curiosity and imagination. 😊 Abel and Kezia explored the bead frame toys this morning to increase their problem solving skills and gave lots of smiles for the camera! 😊 Miss Kate spent some one – to – one time using the SEE SHOW SAY Conversational Reading technique to increase our language with some of our new books. All of the children have been responding really well to our new picture books recently which is wonderful to see. 😊 As always our dolls and café area is popular with all of our children throughout the day. We hope you enjoy the photos! 😊
Lastly just a friendly reminder that it is BOOK WEEK all of next week so feel free to come dressed up as your favourite book character! 😊 😊
Have a great weekend one and all! See you next week, Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊😊