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Happy Friday to all our amazing Families here in the Babies One Room 😊

Today we started off our morning in the Babies Two yard, where they explored all the new toys and activities on offer, they loved interacting with their older friends 😊

Later through the morning, we headed to the larger yard taking full advantage of the beautiful sunny weather, to enjoy water sensory play, allowing the babies to splash around in the water and even go for a quick dip. This activity sparked so much enjoyment and excitement for them, also this activity is a great way to stimulate their gross motor skills 😊

We then enjoyed a delicious wholesome lunch, in which fuelled the rest of our adventurous day!

Not too long later, we jumped straight into some more painting, seeing the babies take such pleasure in sensory. We enjoyed free painting allowing the babies to freely express their creative nature to us through the use of art, also stimulating their fine motor skills, and getting in touch with their imagination 😊

As the afternoon made its way around the weather took a slight turn, which left us warm and cosy inside, enjoying nursey rhymes, reading, and free play. Daris was drawn to home corner playing with all our fruits, and vegetables. Winston was drawn to the reading corner, where he was fascinated by the textured books, flipping through each page with such enthusiasms. And our beautiful Cleo enjoying tummy time, and playing with endless amounts of loose toys. We all had such an amazing Friday together! 😊

Love Miss Lilly xo